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    Product Description: European Style Peacock Wall Clock.

    Reimagine your home decor or office into something amazing with these European Style Peacock Wall Clock. Adding some more masterpieces of the wall clock. It is easy to clean and maintain with Handy design.

    Material Resin
    Shape  Geometric
    Type Quartz
    Weight 2.5 kg
    Variants 4 different colours
    Pattern Scenic

    Clock height - 23.2 cm

    Clock with peacock height - 59 cm

    Clock width - 17.5 cm

    Clock with peacock width - 34.2 cm

    Thickness - 6.7 cm


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review

    The watch looks very nice, the quality is just super, the kit has a carnation, the height is 58 cm, length 34 cm, thickness 5 cm, i ordered 8.12 and already received 8.01, the battery is not included in the product, the product is packed very reliably, thanks to the seller. The goods are ordered 08.12.18 and received 8.02.19., everything is super, everything is fine, very davolna purchase, the watch works fine, i.e. Do not rush and do not lag behind, thanks to the seller.