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    3D sticker - Creative Wrought Iron Wall Art Round Mural Wall Decoration

    Product Description: Perfect for indoors or outdoors. It can be used in the living room, in the foyer, mudroom, front entrance, or even outside in patio or deck. The creative wrought iron mural wall decoration is made of material metal. This 3D sticker pattern has specified in the single-piece package. This style in Pastrol metal art wall decor is available in two different sizes. The 3D wall decorations with colored brown and white perfect for outdoor and indoors. It can be used in home decorations like the living room, bedroom, and hall. It’s used especially at the front entrance of the home. This creative wrought iron wall decor for good in offices, stores, spa and schools, and cafes.
    Material Metal
    Pattern 3D sticker
    Classification Metal art wall decor
    Specification  Single-piece package
    Style  Pastoral

    Style 1 - 55*90 cm

    Style 2 - 55*88.5 cm


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